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    • How can you keep your prices so low without sacrificing quality?
    After working in the industry for many years, we’ve learned that the best way to offer fair prices is by ensuring that our supply chain is as efficient as possible. We don’t spare any details when it comes to production and materials, meaning you’ll get the best leathers and constructions available at much lower prices than what can be offered by traditional retailers. We’re able to do this by not carrying expensive inventory or producing products that may end up going unsold. Much like buying an airplane ticket in advance brings down the price, planning ahead and pre-ordering from us reduces costs, which we pass onto you.
    • Why only pre-orders?
    Pre-ordering gives you the limited opportunity to acquire our made-to-order goods at great values. By planning ahead, you’ll avoid traditional retail markups and score quality clothing that would otherwise be much more expensive. Manufacturing to meet the needs of our customers without holding stock ensures you get the best deals on the most luxurious, high-end pieces. Carrying inventory adds an extra layer of costs that ends up affecting the retail price you pay in various ways. Inventory occupies warehouse space which is added to the cost structure. It also requires high upfront investment that needs to be backed by high profit margins in order to be sustainable. Not only it is economically inefficient but also environmentally harmful as it increases waste, energy, and fuel consumption.
    • I want to buy a product from a campaign that has already closed. What can I do?
    Unfortunately, all of our production will be made to order, meaning we will only manufacture the exact number of products ordered during a campaign and will have no remaining stock. If products are very successful, there’s a chance we’ll launch them again, however we’re unable to predict or guarantee this. Our recommendation is to get the product as soon as it’s been launched. Once a campaign closes it is very unlikely to get a second chance.
    • Where are your products made?
    Currently, our partner factories are located in Bogotá, Colombia and Oporto, Portugal.

    Our goal is to work solely with family-owned, ethically responsible factories around the world. Our requirements include the highest quality standards, best manufacturing practices, and fair/ethical working conditions. No matter their location, we are always looking for partners in every region of the world. Our pledge to you is that we will search the planet for the best suppliers to guarantee that you will always receive the best value, while never supporting sweatshops or unfair manufacturing conditions.
    • Are your products ethically made?
    Hell yeah! At Jewel Fad we pride ourselves on having a great deal of control over the entire supply chain. We believe that transparency, responsible manufacturing, and eco-friendly material sourcing are essential to creating outstanding products, no matter the industry. That’s why we’ve focused on working solely with family-owned companies that love what they do and have often been doing it since before we were born.
    • Will you ever launch anything different from diamond and gold?
    Definitely! We want to expand our offering to every high-end product out there. Our continual search for the best suppliers around the world has enabled us to find amazing factories over the years that make every kind of product; from diamond to gold and even and watches or customized or personalize items. We eventually want to do it all while realizing our goal of offering the highest quality goods at the lowest price possible.
    • When do I pay?
    Creating and manufacturing high quality products is expensive. As a young company, being able to use the revenue from your pre-order to pay for development, materials, and labor helps ensure that we can deliver the best possible product and customer service, without breaking any promises.
    • Can I return an item after I received it?

    Here at Jewel Fad, we’re committed to providing you with great products at affordable prices. However, if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a hassle-free return policy.

    Please note that all returns must be made within 60 days of delivery. Products must be unworn, in brand new condition, and in their original packaging. We recommend trying on your shoes on a carpeted area to protect the soles.

    If you need a different size, that's no problem at all! We always produce a bit of extra stock to facilitate exchanges. Just get in touch by email at customerservice@jewelfad.com  and we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label so you can send your item back at no charge.


    • Can I exchange an item after I receive it?
    We can’t guarantee that the product you want will be in stock due to limited inventory. However, we’ll do our best to exchange unwashed, unworn, and unaltered items for a similar style or store credit. You’ll be able to reorder whenever you want.

    • When can I expect my refund?
    Refunds can take up to ten days after the items are received at our warehouse and are checked by the team. The package will take up to five business days to arrive at our warehouse in Los Angeles, up to three business days to be processed once received, and a few more days for your credit card to process the refund (Paypal refunds are immediate).
    • What if I need to change my address?
    No problem! You can change all the information you want and as many times as you need before the products are shipped, just shoot an email to customerservice@jewelFad.com.
    • What if I need to change my order?
    You’ll be able to change the order as many times as possible before the end of each campaign. Once the window has closed, no changes can be made, however we will gladly give you store credit for the amount spent.
    • Can I track my order?
    Of course! We’ll keep you updated via email while we’re making your order and we’ll send the tracking number as soon as it ships so you can check the status and see exactly when it will arrive. We use UPS or USPS to ship all orders in the US. If you need to make a change to your address, please contact customer service at customerservice@jewelfad.com before your order ships to make sure it arrives at the right place. 

    • I’m still unsure what size I am, can I have some personal guidance?
    No problem. Just send us an email at customerservice@jewelfad.com and we’ll do our best to figure out your size.
    • What guarantee do you offer?

    The many labor-intensive processes involved in the manufacturing of our products allow us to offer a longer guarantee than most other brands. Many companies pride themselves in their manufacturing techniques and traditions, however most companies offer a guarantee of only three months. As we have a great deal of confidence in our products, we’re happy to offer a one year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Please note that normal wear and tear is not subject to guarantee.


    • Do you have any items in stock that I can buy now?
    Unfortunately the only way we can guarantee the best prices is by not keeping any inventory, this means we will not have any products in stock. If we had any, prices would increase dramatically and we don’t want that.

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